Better safe than sorry / (Safety is convenient for everyone)

How can you combine outdoor sports emotions with safety? That is the aim Motorialab wants to guarantee using new technologies. Particular care is devoted to winter sports: after a research study carried out on ski slopes they came up with the idea of a start up dealing with technology and sports safety in the mountains.

“We soon realized – states Riccardo De Filippi, charter member of Motorialab – that sport safety was a concern for many, taking up a fair market share: final users, namely people and their families, ski area manager, insurances and sports equipment manufacturers”.

The so called Geolocation is a system used to ensure safety, identifying the geographical position of an object that may, or may not, be connected to the internet. There are several techniques to locate an object (mobile phone or computer): the GPS, based on radio signals, a wifi connection (wireless internet connection), or even a mobile data connection.

Together with the measurement of individual performance, geolocation systems are very useful in terms of safety and prevention: carrying a smartphone which detects your position, in fact, you have the possibility to track your route and combine data concerning distance, gliding slope, speed, number of bends passed. The cross checking of these and other more generic data allows you to monitor fatigue levels and suggests pauses when needed.

That proves extremely interesting to everyone; skiers, who can thus rest assured in their leisure time; ski resorts, increasing their guarantees on ski slopes; insurance companies, which can save money on premiums; and sports equipment manufacturers, which, thanks to these surveys, can get to know their customers’ lifestyles better, thus improving their products accordingly.

Monitoring systems like these are easily found in Trentino: the region wanted to introduce such monitoring systems in all ski areas, thus confirming that attention to safety characterizes its tourist industry, highly dedicated to families.

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