Riccardo De Filippi (CEO)

Motorialab Project coordinator. After his Masters degree in Geoinformatics at the Wageningen University (NL) he managed geo-oriented projects at the Zürich Polytechnic University and then has coordinated the development of WebGIS systems at FBK’s Predictive Models Research Unit for Biomedicine and the Environment (MPBA), supporting the research activities of the group.

Shamar Droghetti (CTO + Web dashboard)

Platform front-end Senior developer on the client/web interface side. A previous cooperator with FBK as software developer and manager of the WebGIS systems at FBK’s Predictive Models Research Unit for Biomedicine and the Environment (MPBA).

Luca Colleoni (Backend)

Graduating at the European Institute of Technology (EIT) he is the backend developer. His daily bread are Django and spatial databases. PostgreSQL + PostGIS his favourites.


Silvia Conotter (Communications)

Appointed Journalist at the Italian Register of Journalists since 2007, she has been a contributor for newspapers such as L’Adige and Trentino, writing mostly about economics and news.  In May 2013 she designed and created the web portal for families Il Trentino dei bambini (www.iltrentinodeibambini.it), which shortly became a reference for families from Trentino and those who travel here for holiday and leisure. The website records around 5,000 daily visitors, in constant increase, and the Facebook page counts almost 15,000 fans.

Cesare Furlanello (Chief Data Officer)

Mathematician, he is an expert of predictive methods for the analysis of complex data and has been working for more than 20 years in the biomedical and bioinformatics data. He is a Senior Researcher at FBK, where he directs the Predictive Models Research Unit for Biomedicine and the Environment. He has directed over 50 applied research projects and specialized in the development of open source software platforms which integrate scientific calculations, web/mobile solutions for data collection and visualization and decision-making tools, adopted by several Italian Public Administrations. Wired Italy mag shortlisted him in the list of the 50 scientists and innovators “who are changing the world”.