HI-FIS tests the summer with the bike park of Tognola

It has been a summer of testing for HI-FiS, the prototype created by Motorialab to make outdoor sport areas “smart”. A technology that enables to film and evaluate the sports fans’ performances, measure their speed and body response, assuring a safe entertainment all the while.

After the winter testing session at the ski area snow park of Tognola (San Martino di Castrozza), summer was the ideal time to bring HI-FIS there and introduce it to the keen on mountain biking. “We have been collaborating profitably with Motorialab for ages – said Filippo Ongaro, marketing manager at the facility company – and the idea of providing our clients with new services is just enthralling to us. The testing has been a major effort, technically speaking, because distances are very long across the bike park. We also used solar panels for the testing power”.
The HI-FIS prototype came with the competition CreatiFI, won by Motorialab, a local spin off that deals with outdoor sport safety technology. Trentino has been a cradle to all of this, its territory being perfectly suited for the task, with its wonderful natural setting and its awareness to safety issues.

creatiFI“We are also concerned about offering “plus services” to those who choose this area as an holiday destination – Ongaro affirms – and we give them a double benefit with HI-FIS: on the one hand there is high safety, with the contribution to research, and spectacular nature on the other. Sports fans love it because they can assess their performance, watch it again and again, share it through the social media and show it to their friends. As a matter of fact, we received positive feedbacks about the video that is found ready at the end of the slope, already edited with different shots, which gives an overall view of the performance. Moreover, from this perspective there are plenty of possibilities to learn new sports”.

After the testing, the HI-FIS prototype was submitted to the Creati-Fi commission in Barcelona, raising its interest and curiosity.
Now HI-FIS is almost ready to be launched on the market, with ever-changing scenarios, thanks to its versatility.

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