Franz Perini, a life of sports

If there is any such thing as a former athlete, Franz Perini is one: he does not practice sport at a competitive level anymore, but his passion for it has never left him.

That is why, after several years as a professional snowboarder, he has been cooperating with different companies, in the fields of marketing, sponsoring and product development. He is now working with Motorialab as well, the spin off dealing in outdoor sports safety and applied technology born in the offices of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in Trentino. «The apps produced by Motorialab – says Perini – show many aspects of interest. Take, for example, a product such as Hi-Fis, tested last March in San Martino di Castrozza in order to let some athletes and enthusiasts experience the smart snow park.

The interest it creates is threefold. First, it is helpful for trainers and professional teams; they can collect data useful for their training sessions, and getting them in real time they are able to modify their training immediately and evaluate the performance later. It is also profitable – he goes on – for semi-professionals looking for improvement and all those professionals training on their own, as it happens in many sports: getting rational information from the outside while training on one’s own proves extremely functional. It is moreover useful to amateurs and enthusiasts approaching the outdoor sports world looking for leisure and wellness: having a smart snow park means they can have fun in total safety. Finally – closes Perini – for sport aficionados interested in sharing their experience thus creating communities with common interests».

Hi-Fis is not the only product designed by Motorialab. «We develop several software products» – says Perini, a professional snowboarder familiar with the whole world of action sports (climbing, surfing, triathlon, cycling, sailing). «Some products are versatile and therefore programmable for different sports, others are more specific and tailor made for a single discipline. But in general, performance analysis generates a manifold interest: from a scientific, safety and commercial point of view. Companies have also shown their interest in such apps: getting to know their customer through scientific data means being able to cater to all their needs and improve their products thanks to a feedback based methodology».

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